Welcome to the Website of the Vinlanders Social Club

The Vinlanders Social Club was founded in Knightstown, Indiana in July of 2003. The VSC is a voluntary fraternity of like-minded individuals whose main purpose is the mutual preservation and betterment of its members. The VSC started off as an umbrella organization for a few White Nationalist skinhead groups and has evolved into a world-famous modern warrior subculture. We left what we considered to be the organized White Nationalist movement in 2007 and have since then concentrated on promoting a combination of more moderate political pursuits as well as our own unique Nordic-based Warrior lifestyle and culture.
We do not actively recruit new members and our membership process is a long and difficult one. In recent years the media and police have attributed various actions and crimes to this club (including several murders) in an attempt to discredit and frame us. Some of the incidents that we have been falsely connected with are against our rules and bylaws and were done by people that we have either never met, or men that have never attained membership in our club. Every member of this club is issued a patch for his jacket as well as a club tattoo upon obtaining membership, and this fact is known by law enforcement and they choose to ignore it when it is convenient for them to try and frame us. This club does not believe in random acts of violence or random, unprovoked crimes of any sort. Anyone who has ever allegedly been associated with this club that has done these things has either been dismissed, or was never a member to start with.
We still associate freely with some members of the WN skinhead subculture and any other groups of people that we choose to. We pride ourselves on taking whatever stance that we believe to be righteous and often finding ourselves being considered outsiders by everyone. We do not look for acceptance or understanding from anyone other than the people who search us out of their own free will. We try to operate under a “live and let live” philosophy until we are threatened or insulted. We have never been beaten or displaced by anyone, under any circumstances, and we pride ourselves in the continuation of this. Outside of that… we tend to mind our own business. If this appeals to you please sign up for our forums and get to know us better.
May the gods watch over you and yours…